Insert Preview – May 31st


This Sunday there will be two inserts in the paper. Here are the coupons from the Pittsburgh Area. Yours may be slightly different due to regional differences. Hopefully, this will help you plan how many papers you need to buy. SmartSource Act, 18oz any flavor - $1.00 off 1 … [Read more...]

New Reinventing Beauty Magazines out at CVS


Reinventing Beauty Books are great because they have a ton of coupons in them. The Coupon Book is the size of a Letter Size Sheet of Paper and may be found by itself (free) or within the issue (This month's has Jennifer Aniston on the Cover) of Reinventing Beauty magazine ($.99). … [Read more...]

Thursday Tutorial – Where to Find Coupons


Since some you you may be new to couponing, I thought I would start a weekly post to help you learn ways to save more and to get the coupon "high."Today's Tutorial-Where to find coupons?Sunday Paper - This is where you get most of your coupons. Until a couple weeks ago, my … [Read more...]

Mail Call Monday


Most people dread getting their mail thinking all they're going to get is bills. While I do get the bills, I also get quite a few freebies and coupons in the mail. This makes getting the mail fun. I plan on sharing the fun stuff I have gotten in the mail each Monday and will try … [Read more...]

My Coupon “High” at Rite Aid today


I made a quick trip to Rite Aid today and this is what I got. My Out of Pocket(OOP) was 38 cents! In addition, I will be getting a $1 rebate on the Snapple's.Here's how I did it.2 Milks @ 2.97 each (Milk never goes on sale in PA and this is the cheapest you can find it.)3 … [Read more...]