Recyclebank: More Points Opportunities for High Value Coupons

Have you signed up for Recyclebank yet?  If you haven’t, you’ll definitely want to because there are quite a few High Value coupons available.  I’m loving the $1 Honest Tea coupon right now because it’s getting me Free Honest Tea at Giant Eagle this week for only 30 … [Read more...]

Thursday Tutorial – Organizing Your Coupons

Last week's Thursday Tutorial told you where to find coupons. So once you get them, what do you do with them all? How do you keep track of them so you can match them up with the best deals? Today's tutorial will tell you what works for me, but remember you have to do what works … [Read more...]

My New Blog

I have viewed many blogs, and have now decided to start my own. My hobby is couponing. In my opinion it is the best hobby because not only is it free, but you save money. In addition, I must admit it gives me such a "high." I come home from my shopping trips so excited by the … [Read more...]