Bar Codes | Find Out Where Products are Made

I know many of you out there are trying to buy more “Made in the USA” items.   Here is a great tip to help you out.  All you need to do is look at the bar codes. If it’s made in the USA or Canada the bar code will be 00 — 09.  Everything else is from some … [Read more...]

Extreme Couponing Viewers–Come Share in The Coupon “High”

Did you watch the new season of Extreme Couponing last night and want to share in the Coupon “High” too, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Well first off, know that you don’t have to go Extreme to get the “High.”  Just buying what you need and saving 60 to 80% is a … [Read more...]

Tutorial Thursday–Clearing out the Old Coupons

Are old coupon inserts overrunning your house and file drawers, but your afraid to get rid of them because they might just hold a great coupon?   Well, if you organize your coupons by inserts — like I do, there’s a great new site to help out.  It will save you tons … [Read more...]

Save Time Getting Freebies with AutoFill

So every week, I give you A Dozen Friday Freebies and while it’s fun getting them in the mail, filling out all the forms can get a little monotonous. Jennie from BargainBlessings has a great idea to help with this — AutoFill. Have you ever heard of AutoFill programs? All you … [Read more...]

My Non-Extreme Couponing Coupon “High” Trip & tips for new Couponeers

So how many of you watched the new TLC series, Extreme Couponing, last night?  What did you think?  I only watched about 15 minutes of the first episode, but had seen the whole premier episode several months ago.  Here are some of my thoughts. Yes it would be … [Read more...]