Coupon Savings at Giant Eagle for the week 9/3/15


This week’s trip to Giant Eagle was a bit of a disappointment due to issues with the Kotex deal, but I still managed to pick up a couple things that made up for it. Two things were pleasant surprises, price on the Marzetti Slaw and a peelie found on the Gold Medal … [Read more...]

My Coupon Savings Trip to Giant Eagle | 58% Saved


If my kids and husband aren’t happy after this coupon savings trip to Giant Eagle, I don’t know when they would be.  They always tell me I don’t buy enough snack foods.  This trip is full of it.   I figured I would get it so they could put a little something in their lunch’s when … [Read more...]

My Super Small Coupon Savings Trip to Giant Eagle & Why So Small


Normally Thursday is the day of the week when I have my coupon savings trip to GIant Eagle for the deals for the week.  I was planning the same this week, even though the household and schedule is a bit chaotic today.  Not only are my parents visiting from out of town, … [Read more...]

My Giant Eagle Coupon Savings for the week 8/13/15


In the Giant Eagle weekly matchups I mentioned it was a pretty slow week.  However, I did pick up some items this week that I’m pretty excited about.  You can’t beat $1 for 100% Whole Wheat bread and that’s one of the items I was happy to get today. I ended up saving 61% on … [Read more...]

Giant Eagle Savings For the Week | Better Than Aldi


  I knew this week wouldn’t be quite the Coupon “High” as last week at Giant Eagle.  Although the cereal deal is still on, I really didn’t need to buy anymore, so my trip was much smaller. I did stock up on several items that were better deals this week at Giant … [Read more...]