Coupon Savings at Giant Eagle | Snack Stock-Up


I did something today I haven’t done in a really long time.  I went grocery shopping at Giant Eagle by myself.  Seemed sort of weird actually to not be shopping with kids in tow.  However, I had a busy day today and so that I could get the shopping done quicker, I left my little … [Read more...]

Giant Eagle Savings | Big Cash Back Trip


This week’s savings trip to Giant Eagle included a lot of Cash Back deals.  When using Cashback deal it often limits the quantity you buy.  So although I am feeding 7, I might just pick up one of the item to get the best deal.  This is a great way to gradually build up a … [Read more...]

Giant Eagle Coupon Saving Trip | Cereal, Yogurt & More


It was cereal stock-up day today at Giant Eagle.  Just couldn’t resist with the great deals at Giant Eagle on some of our favorite cereals.  For awhile I was working to keep breakfast Gluten Free, but didn’t notice definite results with that so it’s fallen to the side a bit.  We … [Read more...]

Giant Eagle Coupon Savings | Saved 62%


Made a very quick trip to Giant Eagle today and as you can clearly see, this trip alone won’t provide meals for the week.  What it does do is fill in my stockpile with items I need and are on sale. I never shop just for meals for the week.  Instead I strictly pick up the best … [Read more...]

Giant Eagle Savings | 65% saved included Baby Back Ribs


I was very happy to see General Mills cereal on sale this week at Giant Eagle.  Cheerios is one of the kids favorite cereal and it didn’t hurt that I had some 75 cents Cheerios printable coupons.  That wasn’t all I picked up though. It was a week where my coupon … [Read more...]