My Weekly Savings at Giant Eagle | Be Sure to Check your Receipt


This week's trip to Giant Eagle proved how important it is to check your receipt after shopping. Even though I had bought the correct products, $9.45 in savings was not deducted.  Fortunately I caught it and the store corrected it, but it does appear that some deals are not … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings at Giant Eagle | Small Trip with a Mistake


I had a Small Trip to Giant Eagle this week and unfortunately I made a goof in it.  I blame that on lack of sleep and stress from a sick kiddo with a fever of 105.  Even with the goof, I still managed to save 54% and now have Chicken Soup and Cough Drops for my sickos. Here's … [Read more...]

Weekly Grocery Savings | Giant Eagle & Aldi


I've mentioned it before, but I do NOT do all my grocery shopping at Giant Eagle.  That just wouldn't be frugal at all.  In many cases their prices are much higher than other stores, but it's worth shopping there for the great coupon deals.  I do most of my other grocery shopping … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings Trip to Giant Eagle | 2 trips for 57% savings


Ever have a week where things just don't seem to go right?  That's how my week has been.  I blame it on this momma not getting enough sleep due to sick kids.  Nevertheless,  it transferred over to my weekly savings trip at Giant Eagle.  I checked out and thought boy my total is … [Read more...]

My Coupon Savings Trip To Giant Eagle | 64% Saved


This week at Giant Eagle I saved 64% on a $49 trip.  Not huge, but still worthwhile.  I consider these slower weeks as a great way to supplement my stockpile. My savings would have been higher had I picked up some of the Free Wishbone Salad Dressing, but my stockpile is still … [Read more...]