Savings at Giant Eagle | My 2 Small Trips and Some Sale Updates


So far this week I have made 2 trips to Giant Eagle and they were both small.  I made the 2nd trip so I could grab some of the General Mills Cereal with the updated price and a couple other Unadvertised Deals I found.  I didn’t really cost me extra gas though, because I had to … [Read more...]

Weekly Savings at Giant Eagle | 67% Saved


  When I first starting getting my coupons ready for the weekly trip to Giant Eagle, I was thinking I would only be picking up a couple things.  As you can see by the picture, I ended up getting a bit more.  In fact, I got nearly $100 worth of products. While I was a … [Read more...]

My Weekly Coupon Savings at Giant Eagle | 9/17/15


I can say I have been consistent.  My percentage saved at Giant Eagle the last three weeks in a row has been the same at 59%.   It still makes me happy because these are things that will definitely get used in our house and it fits within the ran of 50-70% that I am … [Read more...]

My Weekly Savings at Giant Eagle | week of 9/10/15


No big disappointments at Giant Eagle this week.  In fact I found a couple deals that where better or same for what I was planning on grabbing at Shop N Save.  My actual savings for the week was very close to last week.  Just a percent higher at 59% percent. Breakdown of my … [Read more...]

Coupon Savings at Giant Eagle for the week 9/3/15


This week’s trip to Giant Eagle was a bit of a disappointment due to issues with the Kotex deal, but I still managed to pick up a couple things that made up for it. Two things were pleasant surprises, price on the Marzetti Slaw and a peelie found on the Gold Medal … [Read more...]