Back to School Price Comparison Chart | 8/25/14


This is the last Back to School Comparison Chart for the year. ` I hope it’s helped you save. ` I know I really appreciate it and the time savings. Here is the price chart for stores nationally for the week starting 8/25/14.`  The best prices are marked in green. If you see something you like, be […]

Back to School Office Store Deals | week starting 8/24/14.


For many, back to school has already happened `  If your kids still haven’t started or you need some last minute deals here are the Back to School deals at the Office Stores for the week starting 8/24/14. 50 Cent Deals Scholastic & OfficeMax`® Brand Pourable Glue, 4oz BIC`® Round Stic Gripâ„¢ Ballpoint Pens, 12-PK […]

Back to School–Amazon Deals


When does your school start?  We are back to School on Tuesday.  Here’s the Back to School Amazon deals for the week starting 8/17/14.  That way you can get all your back to school  shopping done without running around at all.   Not only will that save you time, but it will save you money on […]

Back to School Shopping at 4 Stores


As I mentioned yesterday on TCH Giant Eagle Facebook group I spent 5 hours shopping with 5 kids.  Not only did we got to Giant Eagle and Shop N Save, but we finished up the Back to School Supply Shopping.  To get the best deals, I made stops at four stores.    Fortunately for me they […]

Target Back to School Deals


Here are the Back to School Deals for Target.  There are even several freebies including Bic Pencils.  In addition, this week’s ad contains a coupon for a free $5 Target GiftCard with your school supply purchase of $25 or more. If you don’t have the ad handy, you can get this same coupon sent to […]