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Welcome to Frugal Minded Mom (formerly The Coupon “High”)

Welcome to Frugal Minded Mom (formerly The Coupon “High.”)  I’m Kim a busy stay at home mom to 5 ranging in age from teen to toddler.  With seven in the home being Frugal is always on my mind. After all, raising kids is a very pricey endeavor. How it Began and Where It’s Going… In 2009 the blog … [Read More...]


FREE Aldi Price Chart | Should you Use a Coupon or Go To Aldi

A great place to shop and save money is Aldi, but is it always the best deal?  The answer is not necessarily, especially if you combine a sale with a coupon.  So how do you decide if you should use a coupon or just go to Aldi. That answer to that is a Free Aldi Price Chart.  It has over 300 items … [Read More...]