$5 Nature’s Bounty Printables

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Starting Sunday week at Rite Aid, Nature’s Bounty vitamins are BOGO. To make the deal even better there is a way to get $5 off any Nature’s Bounty printable coupons. It will take a little bit of work though.

Just follow these steps to get yours:

1. Sign up for Nature’s Bounty Reward Program – You will automatically get a $2 coupon that you can print at least 2 times just for signing up.

2 Go to Enter Codes and enter the following codes for 100 points each.  For each one just enter any number for a lot number.  I did 6 digits and it worked fine.  You can use them more than once just by changing the lot number.

  • 2099
  • 51135
  • 27602
  • 17139
  • 2386
  • 2532

3.  Once you get to 500 points, you can redeem your points for a $5 coupon.  I was able to print the coupon 4 times.  Do NOT redeem the 500 points twice.  It will say, sorry you reached your print limit and you will have lost 500 point.

Using this coupon, plus the BOGO and the $2 Wellness coupon you should have a money maker on vitamins at Rite Aid this week.

If you have previously signed up for Nature’s Bounty Reward programs, the coupons reset on April 1st, so you can redeem some more points and get more coupons.

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  1. I'm So Pretty says:

    Thank you!!!!! Just did this successfully 🙂

  2. I could only print 2 times after redeeming 500 points. I tried again to redeem more and couldn't, does that make sense? It says I already printed it the number of times allowed even though I just printed it twice…

  3. thanks! i could only print it 2 times after redeeming 500 points as well.

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