20 Minute Meatless Enchilada Skillet Recipe


Do you have some vegetables in your refrigerator that need to be used?  Here’s a quick and tasty Meatless recipe for you.

I based this dish on a recipe found in a book I picked up in the library.  The book is  called The High Protein Vegetarian Cookbook (Hearty Dishes that even Carnivores will love.)  This is perfect book for those of us that still eat meat, but are adding a meatless meal to the menu line-up to help out the budget.

This specific recipe caught my attention because it used some vegetables that were about to go bad.  PLUS it was a 20 minute meal.  Perfect since I tend to make meatless meals on nights when I am in a hurry (i.e. not always Monday Nights.)  To make it even better, there’s only one pan to wash.

The best thing is  the vegetables can be adapted to your taste or what needs to be used up in your refrigerator.

So with that said, here’s the Enchilada Skillet Recipe. I had originally planned on adding the Refried Beans, but my skillet was about to over flow so I left them out.

[easyrecipe n="0"] You will definitely want to keep a close eye on the dish under the broiler.  I will admit my cheese got a bit charred.  Even with that the meal went over very well.  Even my meat loving husband didn’t complain.

You can find a more traditional meatless enchilada recipe here.

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